The map includes:

kosher, vegan, & vegetarian restaurants

A map of kosher, vegan, and vegetarian restaurants
in New York City's most densely populated borough

Clarifying Values for the Kosher Map

Update posted June 7, 2022

I've struggled for a long time about the fact that many restaurants on the Kosher Map are not certified kosher, making it somewhat of a misnomer. While I do reach out to establishments before adding them to the map (with especially rigorous criteria for the non-certified restaurants), I am not a certification agency. As such, I’ve set the Vegan (not certified kosher) and Vegetarian (not certified kosher) layers as off by default. I'll continue to update the non-certified restaurants, but now users will have to actively turn that layer on in order to see them.

To broach a (perhaps) more fraught topic, I’ve also turned off all meat layers by default, inspired by many calls to action and lots of data. More on this to come, but suffice it to say that this was not an easy decision.

The Map

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